About Me

My journey in life inspired the genesis of Raye Pond Photography. After 25 years of managing global sports and entertainment events and contributing to the professional success of others, it was time to combine my personal interests and experiences to bring joy to others through my love of photography. My commitment to excellence and ability to connect with people provides the opportunity to leave a legacy that captures life’s amazing moments and the Earth’s majestic landscape through the scope of my lens. Excellence in photography is where the twin siblings of vision and passion meet. My vision for photography was shaped early in life by observing my Grandmother Pond. She was a true trailblazer operating a Kodak business in the 1920’s. Her work influenced my development and style of photography in striving for that perfect shot. My passion for photography emanates from a series of profound personal losses and a dedication to honor close family members who succumbed to cancer and untimely deaths. The loss of my parents, grandparents, and other close relatives and loved ones completely changed my life. The recognition that my beloved would no longer physically be on Earth was difficult, but offered a chance to preserve their memories in family photos and create memories for others through photography. Well before I photograph clients in portraits or at events it’s important that I spend time to connect and understand their relationships, the significance of the moment and imagine the best setting. Once the shooting begins, clients trust and feel confident in front of the camera because of the initial rapport that we established at the onset. Afterward, an impeccable review of the photos ensures the photos exceed each client’s expectations every time. For clients, the most difficult part of the experience is the selection of favored photos. With the selection made, clients can relax knowing the incredible photo book will be professional and cherished as a keepsake for years to come by future generations. My passion also encompasses an appreciation for and bringing to life our Earth’s wondrous landscapes and structures. From a moonlit night over the Roman Colosseum, to a sunset gracing the sands of the southern California coast to an iridescent glow on a rain-slicked road reflecting a cool neon sign outside of Kansas City’s Union Station – I could shoot for decades to come and still wouldn’t exhaust my love for the many scenes this Earth offers. Former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, put it best: “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Photography has always been a love thing for me! I’m passionate about putting a smile on the face of clients before, during, and after the photo session.
Trinità dei Monti Church at top of Spanish Steps in Rome.